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Trying to Get Over You

February 27, 2009

Ralph Lauren men’s varsity cardigan, Ralph Lauren men’s shawl sweater, Topshop corset dress

I’m having [quite] a bit of trouble getting the three pieces above out of my mind. As hard as I try to push their beauty and potential magnitude out of my heart, I can’t help to think about all that I’ve missed out on.

I had been on track to get the men’s varsity cardigan, but halted right before crossing the finish line, ie. placing the order. (You will see in time that I use “ie.” a lot. In writing and in conversation. Just thought I’d let you know.) I like perusing the men’s section of certain sites (Ralph Lauren, Kitson, and Urban Outfitters) because they often have pieces that can be reworked with a feminine twist. The cardigan had caught my eye for the varsity letter alone, especially since it had the winged foot. I ran varsity winter and spring track for four years and cross country for one in high school, so I had worn that letter (“N” on my windbreaker and letterman jacket) and loved it. I pictured pairing the oversized cardigan with a white tank and short denim shorts to balance out the assumed long length of the cardigan since the smallest size available at the time was a medium. This would-be piece of mine had been in my shopping cart for awhile, and even when it left my cart after the alotted expiration time, I anxiously put it back in my cart during every visit. The last time it was in my cart, I decided to show my friend, DK, who proceeded to tell me that he didn’t like it because it’s too “frat boy”. Since I’ll always be a Greek, I didn’t see the harm in this. Instead of buying it at that moment, I made the mistake of trying to find other items to amount to $195 just to get the free shipping. This is the reason why I had to put it back in my cart several times. And for the sake of saving the $10 shipping fee, I did not grab the medal at the end, ie. someone leaned forward and robbed me of my beloved medium. The large and extra large were still available, but by then I couldn’t justify buying a large and swimming in it. The shoulder seams would have been down to my little biceps and those details bother me. And even after all that thought and debate went into not getting the large, I ended up putting it in my cart and yes, waited again, and eventually the large was sold out. So after analyzing (and overanalyzing), I think, perhaps it wasn’t meant to be after all/really I’m just an idiot for not buying it right away.

You’d think that I would have learned my lesson, but the same events occurred with the Ralph Lauren shawl sweater. I liked it for the same reasons as above- only the varsity letter detail was much smaller but in the center this time. I would have worn the sweater off one shoulder, but again, the medium slipped right through my fingers/cart with an apparent hole at the bottom of it. I didn’t even bother with the large because wearing it off one shoulder would have created some indecent exposure.

Fortunately, I saved myself some agonizing over the delightfully vibrant floral Topshop corset dress because I never had a chance to put it in my cart. I had seen the dress in the SS09 preview on, but it hadn’t been available yet. Usually I go on the Web site every morning and at night since they’re always updating the site with new inventory and most items sell out in my size or completely sell out. However, the one morning I don’t go on the site, the dress becomes available. And of course, Topshop sent out an e-mail blast titled “The Dress of the Season – It’s Here!” to my lesser used e-mail. And more of course, I didn’t see the e-mail until later that night. And by then the dress was completely sold out. Don’t get me wrong, there was still some agonizing done as I prayed that the dress would miraculously come back into stock every time I restlessly waited for the “New In – Dresses” page to load. And strangely, it hasn’t happened yet. You’d think if it was sold out in what I assume to be a very, very short period of time that they’d want to make some more money off of the design, but I guess not.

Phew, that was a bit theraputic, but at the same time kind of pathetic. I think about those three way too much, but they had the longevity factor going for them. I could see myself keeping those timeless pieces in my closet for a very long time. And that’s what you do when you find a boyfriend that you think has the potential for long-term- you think about him all the time. So I figured if I took all of my thoughts about the above (I’m trying to avoid saying their names- this is step 1) out of my mind and into the world that maybe, just maybe I’d get over them. But I think it’s going to take some more time. And three equally fabulous pieces that I actually get to buy.


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