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February 28, 2009

Lux dress via Urban Oufitters, Insight men’s shirt via Urban Outfitters, Bebe belt, Ash boots via, Nordstrom gloves, Jennifer Ouellette headband via Barneys New York, handbag from China, necklace from China, earrings from a Santa Barbara jewelry store

Originally, I was only going to throw the shirt on over the dress to downplay the form-fitting factor. Then I got accessory crazy and sucked my stomach in to wear Bec’s belt and slid into comfort in my cashmere fingerless gloves for the first time. I had bought three pairs of fingerless gloves from Nordstrom- I have the ones I’m wearing also in a muted kelly green and beige cable ones in a heavy knit. I have yet to wear either, but I’m looking forward to adding them to a white tank top when the weather welcomes the play on in-between seasons dressing. I tied my hair in a bun and topped my head off in a leather headband. I go on strictly for Jennifer Ouellette’s headbands. Her headbands range from anything to feathers to velvet leaves to rhinestones to sequins- all in designs that would make any girl feel special even if she wore them with sweats.

I had bought the turquoise necklace and handbag in Beijing, China. The uniquely bright green color of the turquoise immediately caught my eye and the woman fitted the stones to the exact length I wanted them around my neck and then attached the clasp right before me. I had been walking through the market and saw this handbag that gleamed in a vibrant blue hue that was accentuated with its quilted details. It had a Marc Jacobs label on it and I didn’t really think anything of it because I hadn’t seen the design before. All I knew was that I loved it. Six months later, the Classic Quilted Stam exploded in America and everywhere I went people admired my bag. For me, the bag doesn’t represent a knock-off, but it simply reminds me of my grand China trip.

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