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Double Blessing

March 2, 2009

I had never bought anything from Anthropologie until yesterday. While the frocks are delightfully detailed, the style is just not completely me. However, I enjoy browsing the jewelry section on a collection that shows off the brand’s signature craftsmanship.

Yesterday, when I stopped in to the store in Santa Monica I wasn’t expecting to make two quick impulse buys. However, the necklace caught my eye from the glass case with its unique embroidered story. The top photo shows a stork carrying not one, but two slings in its mouth (I know you can’t tell in the photo, but there are two). After immediately identifying this, I knew I had to buy it for its symbolism, ie. the two slings resembled my parents’ double bundles of joy with Bec and me. The second photo shows the other side of the pendant- two storks with what looks to me like Chinese characters. While I’ll work on getting that translated, I’m going to be wearing it on the first side because it represents me. Since it’s longer in length, I plan on wearing it layered with my shorter necklace staples- my Sydney Evan white gold and diamond hamsa and Nordstrom yellow gold and diamond star and crescent moon (I listed out the metals so you could see how the white and gold embroidery of the stork necklace will go with my daily necklaces).

I saw the earrings hanging above the necklace and thought they were so unique. There was a version of the beaded birds that was backed with posts versus the hoop design, but I thought the birds spread within the hoops stood out more. The earrings are originally $218.00- more than what I would pay for a non-designer costume jewelry piece. Fortunately, this was marked down to $100.00, and I know I’ll be getting my money’s worth because the neutral colors will allow me to wear them with numerous outfits. Moreover, I’m not sure what kind of birds they are meant to be, but their shape and pink color reminds me of a pair of love birds. My Chinese name means “love bird” so these earrings also show that side of me.

And while I could have easily dropped some more cash on an outrageously bold CZ Buddah face ring, I refrained myself even though it felt like the Buddah was smiling at me through the case. I tried on the enormous ring, and of course it fit perfectly on my pointer finger. Perhaps, if everyone else deems it too heavy for their fingers, then one day it will be on sale and I will snatch my Buddah buddy up. While I was on the Web site looking for a picture of the ring, I came across the panda ring above. It’s the same in your face idea, but the Buddah’s stones are colorless, blinging it out even more. And even though I’m not purchasing the panda ring quite yet, I thought I’d post this since I love pandas.

I wish I had snatched up the black monogram cuff pictured above. However, the letter “M” soon became unavailable and every other letter I stretched to attach meaning to slowly slipped into out of stock territory. Now the only letters available are “I”, “O”, and “Q”. I thought I could wear “Q” for [my] “Quest” or [continue to] “Question” [life], but I realized I was really reaching. And after unsuccessfully calling a few Anthropologie stores for my “M”, I decided to give up my quest.


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