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DIY? Me No Trusty.

March 4, 2009

I want, I want, I want. I… want. The t-shirt and leggings are both LNA and I’d order them from Now, you could easily say that both pieces are a total DIY project, but alas, I don’t really trust myself with a pair of scissors cutting into anything that costs more than $10, ie. any college Homecoming/Greek Week t-shirts that I cut the bottoms off of to make shorter always came out entirely way too short. And if I can’t handle cutting material off in a straight line, I definitely cannot handle strategically placed hole cutting. Consequently, I’m likely to fork over the $75 for the t-shirt and $129 for the leggings. For the sake of having them cut up by professionals, I think this is worth it. I may feel differently when I come back from Mexico broke, but who knows. If they’re still on the site (both items are on pre-order and would ship in two weeks), I’ll get them. The t-shirt also comes in black, but I think having it in white has an edgier, I-don’t-care look paired with ripped jeans. I just hope the white isn’t too sheer that I’d need to wear a tank top underneath it. That would ruin the whole look and come to think of it, I did once return an LNA baseball t-shirt because the white part- the majority part of the shirt was see-through and I didn’t want to wear it layered over something else. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

I actually just returned a pair of cut up leggings from H&M. They seemed like a good idea at the time as I quickly grabbed the last pair in my size- until I got home, realized they were more of a faded black than dark/dressy black and thought the cotton material made the whole look too gym casual to wear with any oversized sweater/shirt I would have worn them with. Plus, I don’t go to the gym so yeah, I would have never worn them. And the horizontal holes all looked the same and too planned out; whereas the LNA cutouts look random. And random is always welcomed.

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