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Consistent Players

March 5, 2009

H&M dress, Tory Burch shoes via, Burberry headband via Neiman Marcus, Michael Kors watch via Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton handbag

I knew this dress was a good buy because of its warm wool and the I-can-throw-it-on factor. A big plus is that it’s on the shorter side, as in when I wore it in the Jersey winter cold, my mom was like, “What are you wearing?” so I countered the lack of chunky knit with my over the knee boots (will have to post a picture of them). With the lack of length, I don’t feel so boxy, matronly in this- something that could have happened if the dress was say, knee-length. I also have this dress in a bright purple, but I gravitated toward the beige neutral of this dress because the accessorizing options are varied and in this case, I went a little preppy with the Burberry headband. This headband is super comfortable and wide enough that I don’t have to worry about my bangs popping up in the back- a go-to savior for bad hair days.

I always get compliments on the dress, while my watch also creates/craves attention with the blinged out crystals around the tortoise face and strap. It dresses up my wrist and feels more like a bracelet than a watch, especially since I have it one link looser so that it’s not perfectly tight on my wrist.

The genius double “T” Tory Burch logo dresses up these black ballerina flats. They are the perfect throw-on, and I’m looking forward to wearing them with shorts as I think they’ll be a crisper alternative to flip-flops in the summer.

The bag speaks for itself. It’s my go-to bag when I need to tote around both pairs of my prescription sunglasses and anything else I’d ever need like a small notebook (it happens). I don’t remember if I bought a Speedy 35 or 40- I’ll have to measure it someday to find out, but I can’t tell by looking at the pictures on my go-to site for when I want to see new Louis products.

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