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World’s Best Dressed Man

March 6, 2009

OK, this explains it all. When I first read that Esquire Magazine named Prince Charles the World’s Best Dressed Man, I thought, really?! REALLY?!!! FOR REALS???!!! However, I just saw that this title has been deemed by the British Esquire. The magazine claims, “He is perfectly turned out in a double-breasted suit. Admirably, the prince keeps his wardrobe in appropriate style: we’re told he has a room laid out like a tailor’s shop.” OK, so just because he plays it safe in a suit and his closet is uber organized doesn’t mean he’s the best dressed.

Initially when I heard the news, I thought, didn’t Esquire just name my friend Aaron’s friend the best dressed man? I then realized that he instead had won their Best Dressed Man in America contest. Perhaps, I’ll try and interview him one day.

I have to think a little more about who I’d give the World’s Best Dressed title to. My mind automatically bolts to James Franco, but that’s on his sheer adorableness- so basically anything he’s dressed in makes him the Best anything/everything.

This reminds me of the two conversations I had yesterday about one of my favorite looks on a guy- the classic white button down shirt. A special reader, James, wore the look yesterday with black slacks, and I’d like to take credit for reminding him to put that shirt back in his rotation. And the shirt doesn’t even have to be a button-down for those guys who deem collars to be uncomfortable. Wearing a plain white t-shirt (V-neck is bonus) in the soft- I’ve put this in the dryer 100 times soft- cotton wins me over. Just as long as the white is not the slightly yellow- I haven’t washed this in awhile yellow- tinge then you are good in my book. There’s something so fresh and clean about the white shirt/t-shirt look, particularly if the guy wearing it has dark hair and is tan- the contrast really stands out to me. (I feel the same way about myself when I wear white.) White can be bolder than an actual vibrant color because you’re saying, hey I don’t need any color to enhance anything- I can rock the most minimal color.

I love slightly fitted vintage looking t-shirts on guys- the more random the t-shirt is, the better. Paired with dark or light jeans, you would have me at first sight.

And while the hippster vintage shirt look gets me, I also love a preppy guy who dresses in Lacoste and Ralph Lauren polos. Popped collar is optional- I don’t mind it as I usually pop my own collar.

I’m not going to lie- it helps if the guy has some sense of fashion or at least tries to put some effort into it. It also helps if he tries to understand the importance of fashion to his better half. Otherwise, conversations could end up with the girl talking about clothes and then silence on the other end of the phone- not speaking from experience or anything, mmmhmmm. So boys, dress up, dress down, we’ll most likely love you for who you are anyway and will guide you in your quest for fashion acceptance. And whatever you do- make sure you rock it. Rock the look of YOU.

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