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Breaking Spring

March 7, 2009

After wrapping up work at the office until 9:30pm last night and quickly passing out after downing my favorite Hop-Li meal (Shrimp in Spicy Salt- with head and shell and Chicken Fried Rice with Salty Fish- hold the chicken), I’ll start to pack for Playa Del Carmen. (While doing so, I’ll be repeatedly listening to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted- can’t stop listening to them.) I need a vacation and can’t wait to be on the beach, like in this picture from Hawaii.

I bought five new bathing suits- but one is backordered so it won’t be making it with me. I took pictures of them, but I thought I’d just post photos of me in them when I get back.

Check out this funny video at, in which a guy thinks he just won $500,000 by getting a half court shot in- only to find out he got pranked. I love my alma mater:

University of Maryland Half Court Shot Prank

See everyone in a week!

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