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El Suitab-le

March 14, 2009

Arthur Chang bathing suit via Urban Outfitters

ABS by Allen Schwartz bikini and French Connection sunglasses on Bec. Victoria’s Secret bikini on me.

Victoria’s Secret bathing suit, True Religion shorts via

I’m back home after a great trip in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with Bec and my best friend from high school, Erica. I’m super happy I got to spend some quality time with Erica since I only get to see her a few times a year when I’m in Jersey. And I’m super proud and excited for her and her upcoming season as the Stevens Ducks softball coach!

Amidst ziplining, repelling, snorkeling, getting massages on the beach, and shopping, we got to spend some quality time with our friend, Mr. Sun. Oh and yes, I’m fully aware of my splotchy tan lines. While a number of girls were tanning topless, I’m a little more modest and would only do that if I was on a secluded beach. Sure, I could have let my straps down to avoid the tan lines. However, I don’t fully trust myself- I can easily see myself forgetting about the untied straps and sitting straight up having an overexposure moment. Thus, there will be some inappropriate tanning done in the privacy of my balcony to even myself out.

Above are three of the five bathing suits I wore. I’ll have to post the other two bikinis (Betsey Johnson and another Victoria’s Secret one) when I have half decent photos of myself in them. Now I’m fully aware that most women my age don’t wear one piece bathing suits, but the two above were too classic to pass up despite their abundance of material. I also like the idea of wearing both of these one pieces as exactly that- one pieces out with skirts, jeans, or shorts as pictured above. The Arthur Chang suit in the first photo grabbed my attention with it’s pretty shades of turquoise and mixed with the gold, it has a simplified hippster vibe. The back ties in a crisscross with a gold bow at the end. The second photo shows one of my many Victoria’s Secret bathing suits and one of my most comfortable. The faux brown leather straps and belt dress up the black crochet. The last photo shows the quirky fish print which is pretty much the factor that sold me on this suit. I mean, really, who can pass up rainbow colored fishies? Not me. The ruffle gives it a retro feel, along with the optional halter strap. I chose to wear it as a halter, but I could easily wear it strapless since there’s a very tight strap going across the back under the actual visible suit back. However, I’m not sure how I’d be able to get the clasp through the equally tight opening if I ever lived alone. This reminds me of freshman year in college when I needed someone to tie some sleeve ties on this Rampage dress that I still own. I will probably sell it soon as I haven’t worn it eight years, though the print is so vintage looking I’m not sure I can part with it. I assume I was either running late or didn’t want to ruin my hair by taking off the dress to tie the bows myself, but instead I ended up instant messaging my friend, Kyle, who I think was the only person around at the time, to tie my sleeve bows. Fortunately, for me, he obliged, and what mighty fine bows they were. Did I digress much? Anyway, fishies are my buddies.

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  1. Jhe'anell permalink
    August 13, 2009 10:50 am

    wow – you and your sister are gorgeous! I stumbled across your blog today and look forward to continuing to visit – I love your sense of style…have a great day!

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