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Top Not Inventory

March 19, 2009

Topshop, you’ve let me down twice now. I ordered the above Topshop items the other day (except for the green straw hat- I’ll get to that), or so I thought I had. I was especially excited for the sequin floral top, and especially, especially bummed when I received an e-mail saying my order had been dispatched without the top. It was out of stock. This was the second time I had received an e-mail with an item being out of stock after being allowed to put the items in my cart and even getting an e-mail order confirmation telling me they were still in my soon-to-be possession. I called to question this disturbance as this reoccurrence is a big old tease and Topshop is toying with my emotions! I had already pictured pairing this sequin top with denim cutoffs since the back of the top is solid gray viscose, giving it this surprising casual element to the frontal fanciness. Apparently, I was allowed to put these out of stock items in my cart because they looked like they were in stock at the time, but when the orders went to the warehouse, it was then discovered that the items were not available. Topshop tries to update their Web site accordingly, but I suppose as evidenced by two of my disappointments that some stock updates fall through the cracks. However, to redeem themselves since it’s not entirely their fault that their clothes are so adorable that they quickly and constantly sell out, Topshop was kind enough to refund my $15 shipping both times. I greatly appreciate this and besides my heartbreaks (now down to one since the first time this happened to me, the t-shirt came back into stock so I snatched it up on a follow-up order), I will continue to stalk Topshop’s site until a store opens in LA. I mean, really, if a store is opening in April in New York City, there HAS to be one here. I can’t wait to go to the one in NYC when I’m home in June. And I had put together a collage of my order when I thought everything was in stock, but then edited it with the red slash through my beloved top and added the delightfully springy green straw trilby hat because I want to order it soon- just waiting for other items to come in that I want to order so I don’t pay the $15 shipping on one item alone. Yet despite my dispair over this top, I’m extremely excited to get the other items- the geometric dress that I almost didn’t buy because it has a low back which I stay away from (but have decided I’ll just wear it the Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Sex & the City way with my bra strap going across the back), the sequin flourescent orange headband that reminds me of one of my silver sequin dance recital headbands when I was a kid (that will add an unexpected splash of randomness, color, and fancy to a casual outfit- think American Apparel t-shirt), and neon pink ribbed beanie hat for the girly color/hard style duality. Upon request, I also ordered one in black for Bec.

P.S. – I have to figure out how to deep link into specific product pages on When I have time I’ll investigate the direct urls uses because every time I send friends an item link, they are only directed to the homepage. Very frustrating.

P.P.S. – Congratulations to the Maryland Terrapins for upsetting Cal today in the NCAA Tourney! I’m quite proud of myself that I chose three of the four upsets (including the 12th seed W. Kentucky upset over 5th seed Illinois) so as of now I’m only off by two teams in my bracket.

Update: I just found out my dad was only off by one team after the first night of games so I shouldn’t be bragging about my bracket.

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