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Vintage Curls

March 21, 2009

Last night there was some damn (x10) exciting basketball on. Congratulations to Siena, my new West Virginia team (since they got out yesterday- I’ve favored W.V. in the tourney ever since their near upset over Texas in the 2006 tourney), for pulling out the win over Ohio St. in double OT. (I have Siena going to the Sweet 16.) And though I was getting mad that CBS kept switching to the Florida St. vs. Wisconsin game, that one was good too- even though I had Wisconsin losing, congratulations for a well-deserved win in OT. What can I say- I’m a sucker for the underdog. I mean, my all-time favorite movie is Rudy for peat’s sake- did I really just type “peat’s sake”? Anyway, I digress. Well, not really. Because originally I was planning on going in a different direction, but I’ve just come to the revelation that there is some relevany to all of my basketball talk and so it goes: I need to channel some of Siena and Wisconsin’s endurance in my pursuit for my own championship win- getting my long hair back. OK, so you may be laughing at the correlation, but hey, I just came up with it two seconds ago so bear with me. I go through stages with my hair- or rather, I have ADD with my hair. I got my first perm in 4th grade. I was influenced by my mom’s perms and have fond memories of getting them done in the comfort of our home by our stylist. I forget when I took a break from the perms because I do remember my mom putting my hair in the Perm for a Day rollers. Then in 8th grade, I got my first highlights done- in a medium auburn tone. By senior year of high school, my hair was a straight (but blow dried under) chin-length bob. As soon as I got to college though, I began the long wait of growing it out. And by junior year, I had poker straight hair that extended to my chest. And by then I also was back to black hair, as the last time I had gotten it highlighted, my Maryland stylist went a little too blonde happy. My hair remained black, straight, long, and very low maintenance as I’d just shower, comb it straight, let it air dry while I did my makeup and go the bars. Sure, when people hugged me they’d feel my damp hair, but hey, I spent zero time worrying about it. This style worked well for years past college and I’d dress it up with curls via my hot rollers, evidenced by this photo taken in 2006 in the limo on the way to Mastros. I won a drawing when I went to the Wiltern for an Augustana/Snow Patrol concert, instilling my faith that people actually win those contests.

But somewhere along the [hair]line (I fully recognize the corniness), I ruined it all. I got a body wave in the spring of 2007, a few more after that, and then bangs entered the picture, along with a shoulder length chop. And after all of that, I’m now trying to get back to my 2006 roots (not the dyed kind), when my hair was long, and fancy-free. When guys like a certain former One Life to Live actor told me in the elevator that he remembered previously seeing me. He said that he remembered my hair flowing in the wind when I had passed him and went outside (in the New York City cold). So I’ve already started to grow out my bangs and will try to endure this long half-time phase of in-between length hair. I’m generally not a fan of vintage (trying to be more open, but I’m too anal about the quality- this in itself requires an entirely different post). However, I predict that this vintage- my underdog vintage- will be fully back in time for Midnight Madness.

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  1. isabelle permalink
    March 25, 2009 10:51 am

    Yes, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED your long natural hair. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

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