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Bleach Black Inspired

March 22, 2009

Today Bec and I broke ourselves away from March Madness- at the time I was mesmerized by some Oklahoma St. ball movement going on/past Pitt- to go to Space 15 Twenty to meet up with our friend, Rhiannon. There, I was about to discover some in-person inspiration from the ladies who already inspire me from afar via their blog, Bleach Black. Kristin and Val skillfully demonstrated a bunch of their DIY projects that they’ve shared on their blog- a few of which I’m now inspired to try:

– Burned hole tee – having the ashes from one of my smoking hot/smoking friend’s cigarette fall onto a vintage tee.

– Dolphin denim cutoffs – I’m thinking I should say goodbye to my black Marciano jeans and these two pairs of Rampage jeans from college (certainly lived-in enough for this and haven’t worn them in years but just keep them in a box for those days I may ever need to say, paint a house dressed in I don’t care what gets on them jeans which hasn’t happened) and tear/fray them up. A lot.

– Shredding a pair of jeans – I can use an old pair of Nordstrom jeans for this.

Kristin is cutting a pair of dolphin denim cutoffs like the shape of the left mannequin’s. I love the twist of the shorter cut as I do wear my cutoffs short.

Val is adding shreds to a wonderfully shredded pair of jeans.

Val is studding a Silence & Noise lace bustier from Urban Outfitters- it’s already sitting in my cart, along with the other 8 items in my cart (haven’t self-edited the cart yet).

Rhiannon and me- wearing Chulo Pony vest via Nordstrom, Free People top, True Religion jeans via Urban Outfitters, Jennifer Ouellette headband via Barneys New York, Fendi handbag

After the session, we went shopping at the Urban Outfitters there and picked up some clothes- stand outs were two vintage pieces (I know, I’m slowly getting there and allowing vintage into my life)- a white lace/sheer/slip material I had in 4th grade tank and powder blue skirt slip. Both have very promising futures as delightfully feminine layers/players paired with blazers.

Thank you, ladies! I hope to share with you some of my own DIY projects in the near future!

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  1. April 28, 2009 12:48 am

    Wohooo,i support u!
    I also makin’ the DIY jeans thingy..
    it’s in progress now, i just always lazy to continue it..

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