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Border Boarders

March 26, 2009

These are my purchases from my recent Playa Del Carmen vacation- as you can see I didn’t buy a whole lot. This goes back to my philosophy of not to get swayed into thinking you need to buy every souvenir that you see since there’s probably ten other items you want to get back home. And you may be influenced by the cheaper prices, but you should realize that buying a cheap souvenir just takes away from your spending money back home for the purchases that you really, really, really want and would like much more. So I only bought what I really loved:

– Peasant Blouse – I went into a small clothing store packed with hanging dresses and a table of folded peasant blouses piled high in a rainbow of colors. I’ve always been partial to peasant blouses- I think it’s because I dig any cultural vibes in clothes. I immediately gravitated toward this orange one, which I fortunately discovered fit me perfectly when I slipped it on over my tank top. (I’m not one to just buy something without trying it on first.) They seem to be all hand-made, as none had brand tags or actual sizes on them- which presents me with one of my pet peeves of every thread having to be perfectly in its intended place. The stitches need to be tight- none of this loopy stitching flies with me. At all. I won’t buy clothes if the stitching is messed up anywhere. And I fully recognize how super [unnecessary] anal I am. With a heavily embroidered piece, I really open myself up to encountering this pet peeve and after closely examining the embroidery on the front and back (there are two flowers toward the top of the back), I gleefully realized that I had found a winner.

– Pyramid Statue – The white blob next to the blouse is actually (some kind of stone that I’m not sure of- reminds me of quartz, but who knows) a pyramid statue. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been extremely fascinated and in awe of pyramids and would love to go to Egypt to see some in the future. This statue is going to go on my fireplace mantle among my elephant and Buddah statues. I collect elephants from different places I’ve been to or buy ones that I just randomly come across so I was on a mission to buy one in Playa Del Carmen. However, all of the ones that I really liked were way too expensive (I mean, I love elephants but wasn’t ready to fork over I don’t even know how much but it was thousands of pesos that I didn’t feel like calculating for a very small solid sterling silver elephant head that would have gone on my wall via I don’t even know how it would have gone up since it only had what looked like a magnet strip on the back of it). It had gotten to the point where I was going to buy one of the random hand-made hard stuffed animals (stuffed with what I don’t know). I’d pass this young guy’s vendor by our hotel and I’d literally stop to look at them every single time we passed by, probably three times a day. But I just thought it’d be too random to display this not very cute stuffed animal on my mantle amongst my collection of stone/glass statues. I was bummed I didn’t get one, but at the same time happy that I recognized that I didn’t love the one that I almost bought- the very visible blob of super glue holding his stone tusks in place was throwing me off, along with his semi-painted on black dot eyes (couldn’t tell if it was paint, but I didn’t like the eyes one bit). So he went back on the shelf with the rest of his randomly, half-ass created elephant buddies. So now this pyramid is replacing my would-be Playa Del Carmen elephant.

– Hand-painted Bowl – Kitchenware normally does not make me excited. However, numerous vendors/stores had gorgeous hand-painted bowls displayed, and I couldn’t help but admire the artistry and Mexican lifestyle pictures. I had originally stopped at this vendor to look at a larger bowl, but hanging on the other side of the vendor’s wall was this medium-sized bowl that stood out based on the bright colors alone. I love the simplicity of the story this picture tells- I’m choosing to picture him napping outside of his home under the perfectly cloudless sky. I’m pretty sure this is going to just be a display bowl- it’s way too pretty to eat out of/scratch up.

– Hola Amigo! T-shirt – I randomly saw this t-shirt at Le Best- I just like the name of this marketplace store. My friend, Erica, got one too (but in yellow) because who can resist a cute sombrero-topped mouse? He reminds me of Fivel, who’s one of the few solid animated characters. The randomness of this t-shirt lends itself to a randomly good tuck into my LOVE YAYA skinny high-waisted jeans with black heels. Little black blazer is optional.

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