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Stellarly Stapled Up

March 31, 2009

Top row from left to right: Silence & Noise mesh bodysuit, Cheap Monday Brenda bodysuits (in black and then in mint green), Silence & Noise Satellite moto vest, Ecoto flats

Bottom row from left to right: Never Sleep by Alex Carleton football mesh t-shirt and Latin t-shirt

I ordered all of the above from yesterday morning. I can’t wait to layer the bodysuits under blazers and sheer tops- just for a random mesh and lace bonus. I’ll be throwing the motorcycle jacket-inspired vest on over floral dresses when I want to toughen up the look and can even pair it with any of my new bodysuits- really digging the masculine/grunge look with the ultra-feminine elements. And the shoes have the Native American stitching going on- and I love anything with Native American influences. When I was a kid, we went to numerous Native American pow-wows- filled with spirited cultural dancing, massive jewelry shopping (great turquoise), and yummy food. I’ve also been to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico and have very fond memories of climbing up and down mountains there and looking at the Pueblos. I’m looking forward to someday revisiting there.

I always look at the men’s clothes at Urban to see what random t-shirts I can get. And the brand Never Sleep by Alex Carleton didn’t disappoint. For starters, I like the brand name- I mean, that’s exactly like me because I barely get any sleep with my insomniac tendencies and random(-ly awful) sleeping patterns. Since the football mesh long sleeve t-shirt is black and see-through (obviously because it’s mesh), I can easily wear my nude bodysuit underneath and not worry about being too-overexposed because the black mesh will help mask a black bra. That pairing will also prevent me from feeling too bulky if I wore a cotton t-shirt underneath- not as random a look as I want it to be if I did. With my hair in a messy bun and some denim cutoffs on my other bun[s], this is a care-free look that I can’t wait to wear.

And as soon as I saw the “Carpe Noctum” t-shirt I knew I had to get it for the sheer fact it means “Seize the Night” in Latin. I took Latin for four years in junior high and high school. I have really solid memories of those four years with the same sweet teacher- I’d get A+++s (that’s not a mistake- I’d get three pluses but I’d get 5 extra pluses on my 8th grade history projects) on my elaborate projects and my teacher even asked Bec and me to make the Latin National Honor Society flag. It was the first year we had the Latin society so that’s why we didn’t already have a flag. Bec and I made one using yellow and purple felt and I was quite proud at the induction ceremony seeing it hanging over the stage. All four years in that class, I was called by my Latin names (we chose Latin names to be called in during class- even had to ask to go to the bathroom in Latin- which is one of the few phrases I still remember). The last year I had actually chosen the name Splendida Stella- meaning “Shining Star”. Looking back at having chosen that name, it’s fitting that I gravitated toward having “Stellar” in this blog name- I guess I really do like that word and its meaning.

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  1. March 31, 2009 9:06 pm

    I LOVE THE LACE BODY SUIT. i’ve been trying to hit my parents up for money to get it. haha. i can imagine so many ways to wear it. love it love it.

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