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Overall a Pirate

April 1, 2009

Silence + Noise overalls via Urban Outfitters, Hollister tank top, scarf from Paris

Oh yes, I did. Oh yes, I am. I did buy buy overalls and I’m wearing them proudly. I couldn’t resist when I saw that they are skinny leg overalls- an update to a trend I once loved in junior high school. The back is also updated- replacing the material-heavy back of yesterday are two straps that go down to your waist so it just looks like suspenders. I realize that the waist looks a bit high here- and even though you’re like, that looks like a wedgy waiting to happen, there was none to be had. I was sort of in a rush to take these photos on our way out to dim-sum… yummy… so I didn’t adjust the straps properly. I also threw on this scarf that an ex boyfriend gave me when he was passing through Paris- happy would-have-been three year anniversary to me actually today. Bec thinks I look like a pirate wearing the scarf that way, but I like pirates so I don’t mind.

And yes, I’m swinging over our rooftop jacuzzi and nearly fell in/nearly flipped over after swinging too high- hence my expression in the second photo. It was a cloudy day and the flash wasn’t triggering so that’s why the pictures are dark. And would have been mysterious/intriguing had it not been for the fact that I’m in overalls. I usually brighten and saturate all of my candid photos with friends, but for this blog, I decided not to alter any of the pictures so that you can get an accurate look at the outfit colors. I know, I’m so considerate!

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  1. April 3, 2009 7:26 am

    these are so fun and i love your lipstick!

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