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April 3, 2009

I’m having a little ADD now and wishing that it was super hot summer time. These pictures were taken in July down at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Back then, my hair and life were way different. I think it’s funny how quickly life changes.

I’m getting all philosophical as I have the ER show finale in my head right now. At 2:30am. I still remember being tucked into my cozy bed in Jersey as a kid watching Clooney in the ER. So even though I hadn’t seen the show in years, I tuned into the quite sad (watery eyes included) finale- blame it on the older folks storylines. Life is so fleeting that sometimes I do think, maybe I should be concentrating on other more important life stuff rather than think about what outfits I’m going to post on here. But then I realize how much I love fashion and how people (James) have commented that I get a sparkle in my eye when I talk about it. People have also asked how I find the time to even update this. The last three weeks I’ve been working 11-12 hour days (the cleaning ladies know now to knock on my office door before barging in even when I’m not making noise since they know I’m probably in there and the sushi woman knows my voice when I place 9pm orders because I’m probably their last customer before they close)- fortunately at a job that I love. And I think that’s what makes the difference. I’m in a position that makes me feel like I have worth and when I come home, I feel accomplished and look forward to posting- and then I just feel double productive which is bonus. It’s something that I enjoy doing and if you enjoy it, you’re going to find the time to do it- whether it be in the middle of the night like now or early morning as I’ve recently become borderline insomniac.

Originally, this blog was supposed to be written by Bec and me- offering two different style perspectives since ours differ in a number of ways. However, I was ready to do it and she was lagging so I started my own and had some difficulty coming up with names that were 1) not already taken and 2) weren’t lame. So I came up with a non-fashion title- half accidentally, half OK this means I won’t be tied to only doing fashion posts- ie. maybe I can share my poetry on here someday if I get the courage to. I don’t write it all the time- only if I’m super inspired/want to as part of a gift. There’s a poem I quickly wrote back in April 2005 that I think is randomly good- probably my favorite one because it reminds me of a funny night back in college. Anyway I’ll have to share some. Someday. I think I should end my rambling seeing as how it’s now 3am….

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  1. becs16 permalink
    April 3, 2009 6:39 am

    Yea, you put it nicely here, but I believe I’m correct in saying your disowned me from our-would-be combo blog. Thanks foo.

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