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Self-Bought Roses

April 4, 2009

I’ve had my eye on these Jacqueline Lamont Liberty Print Turban Headbands for a little while now and ordered them from today. I think I was holding out because I was hoping that the site would post photos of the other prints they had them in- but instead there are only descriptions like “Purple Tiny Flower” and “Teal Feather”. So I bought the two out of three prints that were displayed on the site. I was instantly drawn to the red roses because it looks like a romantic vintage print and will wear it when I want to be ultra-fem. I bought the blue version to throw on with a white t-shirt/tank and jeans.

I also made some Topshop purchases this morning and by weekend’s end expect to buy some Jeffrey Campbell boots and Free People fishnet knee highs. I already can’t help my shopping problem, and it doesn’t help when I’m trying to recover from this extremely long last week. My cure for this was lounging around in my tiger print bathrobe while shopping online and attempting to polyvore, watching a ridiculously talented Michigan State basketball team advance to the NCAA Championship Final (and wondering how did we/Maryland beat them this season? Did not care to watch UNC’s win and come to think of it- Maryland had beaten them too!), and getting cranky taking Bec’s photos on the balcony and rooftop donned in said bathrobe with my LaRok fur jacket and black Ugg boots thrown on (did not really care how messy my hair was and that I had my dermatological creams on, or what I like to call my face medicine). Now I need to go shower to go out in Hollywood tonight-would wear my bathrobe out too if I could. If only it wasn’t so drafty.

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