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I Sweat You

April 6, 2009

Stapleford men’s flannel shirt via Urban Outfitters, Hanes sweatpants, Steve Madden shoes, HSN ring worn on a necklace chain

My twin sister, Bec, and I have the same Stapleford men’s flannel shirt- I believe I had seen it online and pointed it out to Bec since the teal/maroon/gold color combo stood out to me (it’s a more feminine mix for a men’s shirt). I have a few men’s flannels from Urban Outfitters and depending on how I want to wear them, I’ll either get a size Small (as this one is) or a Medium for longer fits with leggings.

While choosing outfits to photograph this weekend, I told Bec I was going to be wearing this flannel. She was like, “Ooooohhh, I need to photograph that too- why don’t we both put outfits together to show how we’d each wear the shirt?”. I thought it was a good idea, seeing as how we have pretty different styles. I hadn’t known what I was going to wear with the shirt, but literally one second later, I looked at my bed that was the resting place for my Hanes sweatpants that I had been sleeping in and threw them on. It was too perfect a moment of clarity. These sweatpants are probably from 1998- bought for my high school track practices (my high school colors included maroon). I don’t even know how they’re in good shape considering their age, but I think I probably didn’t wear them for a period of time after high school until now. I rolled the legs up and threw on my dark teal wedges to complete the look. I realize that the wedges don’t match perfectly, but I’m all about colors that compliment each other and don’t think I have to perfectly match every single time. It’s more fun that way.

The reason I decided to leave my shirt pretty much open with the exception of a middle button is because I wanted the look to be representative of what you’d wear on say, a morning after you stay at your boyfriend’s place and you’re going out to grab breakfast. Say you don’t want to wear your previous night’s club clothes and so you grab his oversized flannel and throw on his sweatpants- rolled up legs and waist complete the look and fit. I put my oversized HSN ring that looks like what I’d want my engagement ring to look like (in that size too) on a necklace chain to enhance this boyfriend’s clothes scenario look. Topped with a bun and accented with a popped collar, it’s that carefree look that while my scenario was primarily timed for the morning, could easily be a night scenario of hanging out at your boyfriend’s place and going out to grab some pizza. Of course, if this was reality, I’d be a little more covered up with two buttons done- but I don’t see the need to button the shirt all the way down.

As soon as I threw this quick look on and waited to see what Bec conjured up, I had a flashback to sophomore year of college when I woke up to my boyfriend at the time and his roommate wanting to go to the dining hall to grab some breakfast. I couldn’t believe that they didn’t wash up (and neither had I as a result or lackthereof result), and scurried the six minute walk to the dining hall, grabbed food with my head down most of the time (unwashed overnight face is not a good thing though it happens more times then I should let it today), and was relieved to enjoy my bacon, sausage, and french toast back in their room. I can’t remember what I wore that day (could have been a t-shirt of his or my own going out wear), but I know for sure, if I had worn an outfit like this, I would have been more whatever about it and wanted to eat breakfast in the dining hall. With my head up high.

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  1. April 6, 2009 9:15 am

    Your gorgeous. I love the outfit! 🙂

    Cat! xx

  2. April 6, 2009 2:59 pm



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