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I Snood You

April 17, 2009

Bec’s H&M jacket, Urban Outfitters snood, Steve Madden booties, Nadri earrings via Nordstrom

I try to post every day, but this week I just couldn’t. Last night I realized that it’s pretty sad when my hardest laughs all week were warranted by me telling my co-worker that a margin was moved over by “200 pickles” instead of “200 pixels”. Pretty sad. On the upside, one of my projects launched live at work last night and I’m thrilled about it!!!

It’s also been super cold here in LA so I thought I’d post a picture of me taken back in February- because it feels winter-ish. I told my dad it’s cold and he’s like, “Oh yeah? Well, it’s 40 degrees here!”. That happens a lot and then I just shut up and wonder how I lived in Jersey for the majority of my life.

I had originally grabbed this snood (the skirt I’m wearing) because I thought it was a cute tube top. I then asked the dressing room attendant what it really was and she said it’s meant to be worn around your neck. And then I thought well, I have other intentions for this. While it looked fine as a tube top and I’m sure I can wear it like that one day if I feel like it (drawstring tie around the top of it helps that), I like wearing it as a form-fitting sweater knit skirt.

FYI – there are some interesting “snood” definitions listed on Wikipedia:

– A type of hood or hairnet worn by women

– A puzzle/video game – I may have played the video game in college, but I’m not 100% sure.

– A net used by men to train their moustache into a desired shape and prevent it from getting into a disarray while they are sleeping.

– The flap of skin that hangs from the top of a turkey’s beak.

– In fishing, a snood is a short line with a baited hook at one end. A series of snoods are attached to trotlines and droplines.

– An enclosure, part of a movie projector, between the douser and the film gate.

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