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Brunch of Crop

April 19, 2009

Topshop top, BDG jeans via Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden boots, Anthropologie earrings, Fendi handbag

This was my get dressed in 10 minutes look Saturday morning. Bec and I were running late to a brunch our friend, Amber, was having at her new house in the Hollywood Hills. And it’s fabulous. So excited and happy for her!

I don’t think you can really ever go wrong with the white t-shirt and jeans look so I threw on my new cropped top with some light denim jeans and added a little something unexpected with my birdie hoop earrings that I had previously posted about.

From negative to positive (since it’s more fun that way), here are some weekend fashion findings:

– Arden B., why have you changed your aesthetic so much that I don’t even know who you are? This is a thought I’ve had for years now, but it still boggles my mind every time I set foot in your store. You were soooo exquisite back in 1999. Maybe you were only exquisite in the Maryland/DC locations (? since I didn’t know you until college), but I’d like to remember you as you were back then. You offered vibrant clothes that looked expensive and you were on par with Bebe. Now your vibrant concoctions are at the wrong end of the spectrum- both in palette and quality. I still have the black and brown velvet/mesh flowy skirted dress that I wore to my senior sorority formal. That was the only time I wore it and I love it so much that I hope to wear it again some day. And I have the epitome of the LBD (little black dress) from you that’s been with me to Sigma Nu and Delta Chi formals to spring break in Acapulco and has even made its way to Bec for a Theta Chi formal. Many good times have been had in that dress, and I only wish you went back to old school you.

– I rediscovered why I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 since college. Every time Bec wants to go there, I always go my separate way and meet her later. Since most of the stores at the Grove were closing, I was forced to go inside with her and quickly remembered that this chaotic shopping experience isn’t my scene.

– Why do most of the Melrose Avenue stores not have mirrors in their dressing rooms? This has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile now, but come on people. I’m talking to these little shops on Melrose and also in New York City. I don’t want to go out in front of anyone wearing something that may/may not fit me and not really knowing for sure until it’s too late and I’m standing there with something exposed and ill-fitting. Wearing the undergarments you wouldn’t wear with that particular article of clothing doesn’t help the situation any more, ie. wrong type of bra for a skimy top/dress or bright underwear under a see-through skirt. I mean I didn’t really care this time since there were two girls trying on clothes in front of their parents, but the dad was slightly creeping me out as I had to walk past him sitting on the couch en route to the only mirror they had in the joint. Needless to say I stopped myself from buying a green tulle skirt I could have made in 10 minutes if I knew how to sew.

– American Vintage on Melrose Avenue has some decent t-shirts. But for some reason, the vintage t-shirts at American Apparel seem cleaner to me than the ones there. We left before I got to try anything on. But I wasn’t too bummed as I’m still taking baby steps toward vintage. However, I am thisclose to buying an onboxiously loud 80s vintage blouse from Nasty Gal.

– American Apparel has the raddest vintage t-shirts. I picked up two and they are glorious.

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