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July 19, 2009

Paul & Joe dress via Planet Blue, Urban Outfitters sandals, Bebe hat, Anthropologie earrings, Jade bracelet from China, Planet Blue necklace

Bec and I are moving into a new condo very soon and I could not be happier because of the master bedroom and walk-in closet that will be mine. I had contemplated letting Bec get the master bedroom, but in reality it’s my turn to get it. We take turns on who gets the larger bedroom, and alas, my time has come around again. My oh so moral boyfriend thinks we should flip a coin for it, and while I tried to rebut by saying I had the smaller bedroom growing up, he said that was all irrelevant because my parents chose that (which I can’t recall if that’s how it went down, but I’m thinking I chose to be a nice sister and took the smaller room). But after a little analysis, I concluded that since I found our new home (as well as our current one) and put down the deposit, I scored me some bonus points and solidified my bedroom. After all, Bec will have one more shower than me in her bathroom (there’s a bathtub with a shower head and a standing shower stall).

Now that it’s settled, onto sifting through all of my clothes and determining sell-worthy clothes and the fate of my very sell-worthy treadmill. I bought a fancy fold-up treadmill a few years ago for the sole purpose of training for the LA Marathon. Well, that’s done and accomplished- not the training part- the two times Bec and I tried to run at the Santa Monica beach, we gave up after running a combined mile and a half during both attempts. I ran winter/spring track and cross country in high school and in my head I thought that my experiences years ago would help me overcome anything I’d face in the marathon. Plus, I once biked 19.7 miles in my company’s gym during my lunch hour and I somehow thought that was adequate preparation. We finished through blood, sweat, and near tears around mile 21, and I ditched Bec to sprint the last 200 meters of the 26.2 mile beast. And all I really wanted was the medal in the end- need to display that somewhere in said new master bedroom- but now I’m left with a treadmill we’ve used ten times. Oh Mr. Bad Investment, I’m shaking you off and moving on.

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  1. Anna Margrete permalink
    July 19, 2009 10:14 am

    Wow, love the pictures. Love your stile.

  2. July 19, 2009 4:34 pm

    Thank you for stopping by! I love the way you write, and your P&J dress is amazing!

  3. July 19, 2009 11:59 pm

    Hi! You’ve got a gorgeous figure and that dress is beautiful. It’ll be nice to have a walk-in closet. Something I dream of having one day. Hope your move goes well and you are happy in a new place. x

  4. July 20, 2009 3:46 am

    Thank you for the comment! Your blog is so fabulous!
    I really like your outfit, especially the hat!


  5. July 20, 2009 6:19 am

    I totally need to purge my closet! LOVE that dress on you!

  6. July 20, 2009 6:28 am

    You look so freakin’ glamorous! I love that dress on you, Mel!

    I have the master suite in our new apartment too. Cath somehow always ends up with the biggest closet though- harumph!

    ps- we’ve added you to our blog roll too! I can’t believe we haven’t done that either- we love your blog and Bec’s – you guys inspire us daily!

  7. July 20, 2009 6:55 am

    have you got any clue how gorgeus you look?

  8. July 20, 2009 8:41 am

    That Paul and Joe dress is fabulous, and you look gorgeous in it! Love the hat too, darling!


  9. July 20, 2009 10:10 am

    Hat + Shoes; perfectly complimenting that fab dress! 🙂


  10. July 20, 2009 1:37 pm

    You’re rockin this outfit!!! Really loving all the accessories!

    Thanks for the lovely comment! xx

  11. July 20, 2009 6:38 pm

    very nice writing!!!
    I love your dress!!!

    It’s nice touch with the hat!!!!


  12. July 20, 2009 9:39 pm

    love love love this outfit from head to toe!

  13. July 21, 2009 3:50 am

    Aweseome dress! And I love how you styled it with the hat! Ahhh… one of my favorite looks definitely! Congrats on getting a bigger master bedroom plus the walk-in closet 😉 Think you getting the bedroom is a fair deal. I’m a pretty awful runner as well by the way. My guy runs all the time, and I sometimes go along, but I can’t say I enjoy it. So I’ve opted for swimming instead, which is a much better fit for me. But I would definitely display that medal in a prominent position.. you worked hard for it!

  14. July 21, 2009 7:20 am

    Aha! Glad to hear the exciting news about the condo, a new place to decorate, how exciting! I love your hat and your shoes!

  15. July 21, 2009 11:55 am

    Love you in hats 🙂 And congrats on the move! I say, take that master bedroom and walk in closet! You deserve it…

  16. July 21, 2009 7:12 pm

    I’m LOVING fedoras and straw hats right now, they add so much to an outfit!

  17. July 22, 2009 2:28 am


  18. July 22, 2009 4:34 am

    I love that dress! Cool pictures, too 🙂

    xox, mavi

  19. July 22, 2009 4:59 am

    Hi there mel! thanks for your comment..=) When I first saw your blog I thought, “Becs has a new blog?” I thought she was you.. The bird print in your dress is so cute and unique!=) and love your neon shoes and legs too in your previous post..=)

    ps. You must be the sister who loves pinkberry right?=P I’m a red mango freak btw..hehe

  20. July 22, 2009 5:17 am

    I love your dress! It looks soooo comfy. 🙂

  21. July 22, 2009 7:24 am

    love these pics!

    camille x

  22. July 22, 2009 7:47 am

    great clothes.
    i love so much your hat.

    ah! And by the way, how you do that the images so big?
    I can not: X

  23. July 22, 2009 10:22 am

    I once didn’t move in with my friend because we couldn’t decide who should get the bigger room.
    In hindsight, it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.
    Two bathrooms! Unheard of in this town!

  24. July 22, 2009 12:53 pm

    So great and sexy you look! I love how fun you seem to be in every shot 🙂
    About moving, I also have plans to do it…but I think I have to wait, at least, more two years….I wish you the best luck in your new place and locations for shoots, of course!

  25. July 22, 2009 2:42 pm

    First,I love that your title totally encapsulates everything you wrote!! Second, you already know this but you and BeCs are absolutely gorge. third, I am glad you commented b/c i didn’t know you had a blog and thanx for your sweet comment as well. Last but not least, I love this dress, the print is soo awesome!! i hope you both love your new place! Oh and that neon inspired outfit you posted earlier is tooooo awesome!! love it !!!

  26. July 22, 2009 10:13 pm

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You are so stylish! I love everything about this outfit, especially the dress and earings. Your hair is so perfect too.

  27. July 22, 2009 11:03 pm

    i love your dress!!

  28. ary permalink
    July 23, 2009 7:39 am

    Good luck with the move! Please provide me with your new mailing address. 🙂 I love the hat.

  29. July 23, 2009 2:43 pm

    Hi! Thanks for the comment. Great pairing on the hat with the outfit!

  30. July 23, 2009 3:57 pm

    Hi Melanie!
    I found your Multi Colored Beret, man is it gorgeous! You would look stunning in it..
    So if you want to have a look, just go to:

    Take Care and your sooo Welcome to Hot Cake Fashion:-)
    My new Collection is comming out soon..

    Lots of love/Alice

  31. July 23, 2009 5:32 pm

    That hat is awesome. I brought my sneakers to go running while on a trip and they just took up space the whole time. But it is cool you ran the marathon.

  32. July 24, 2009 6:59 pm

    What a gorgeous outfit! I love Paul & Joe.

    xo Niki

  33. July 25, 2009 12:56 am

    You and Bec not only look identical, but you both share the great fashion senses too! ur fedora + dress = Love!! 🙂

  34. July 25, 2009 1:32 am

    love those ringe sandals
    and the dress .your poses are so fun . you are photogenic

  35. July 25, 2009 11:40 pm

    Looking fabulous, i looooooooooove the dress, your tan and dark hair!! =] Oh yeah, the fedora is sexxxy too, hmmmm =]

  36. July 27, 2009 8:09 am

    love the dress! and these pics are cute&fun. hope youre having a great week

  37. July 27, 2009 11:24 pm

    Your highly attractive. Nice tan and dress!!1

  38. July 28, 2009 6:38 pm

    cute outfit!

  39. Holly J permalink
    July 30, 2009 5:40 am

    I’m feelin that outfit, especially the dress and hat!

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