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Falls False

August 14, 2009

While fall comes to most of the country in September, here in LA, it still feels like summer through October. (LOVE IT!) And yet, above is what I treated myself to last week- all from Topshop and the poor quality skinny suspender jeans photo is from Bebe (the enlarged photo wasn’t available for the full length shot, hence the fuzziness). The faux fur jacket, boots, and cosmic dress will be key pieces in my fall/winter wardrobe. Two additional notes: 1) I really hope that the sequin leopard print hotpants offer more exposure than I think they will so that I can actually wear them out and 2) Bec thinks the smiley face is creepy, but I like this one. I’m generally not a fan of smiley faces on t-shirts but the graffiti element gives this edge.

Apologies for being MIA. Blame it on moving. I really don’t want to move again until I move in with my future husband. And I really do want to get to a point where I’m able to update this blog daily. In this past week I’ve-

– Launched a new vehicle model section on the Web site I work on. It’s only the best brand and site out there.

– Overheated my laptop. I’m praying it will be OK, but I haven’t had time to resuscitate it.

– Mangaged to get Bec’s key stuck in the gate of our old apartment. It’s still hanging out- or should I say in there.

– Ate sashimi four times last week. That’s a little much for me, but I had a perpetual craving for it. I want it right now.

– Discovered the new Pinkberry Parfait and love it. I only wish that they’d start with yogurt on the bottom so that when you get to the bottom you don’t end up with just fruit and the yogurt drippings. I’ve had that Parfait three times so far.

– Saw the 3D movie, G-Force, which reinforces the wonderful fact that I will always be a kid at heart. I highly recommend it for the adorable characters factor.

Bec and I will be sure to post photos of the new place once we decorate, which could take awhile. I really need some recovery time after this move. If only I were a minimalist!

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  1. August 14, 2009 3:00 pm

    Hi most missed little darling!!!
    Hey Mel,
    so good to see a new post – she’s alive and managed the move!! YAY!
    YEEEESSSS, we’re all so much looking forward to Autumn to wear our most beloved sweaters and boots again! I guess it will be very soon…. We’re expecting one hot day tomorrow and let’s see what the next week is holding up for us, right? 😉 Moving is always such a pain and I’m very delighted to read that Becs and you are finished with it!!
    HEHE – you know what???? When I saw this dress on Topshop I’ve thought of you first and immediately. That would be something for Mel!!!! Aaaaaahhh, that’s great! The jacket and the boots are awesome! I’m looking for some boots like these, too! And ROOOOARRR to those sequined leopard shorts……
    Sweetie, I’m wishing you and Becs a wonderful + relaxing weekend ahead –
    btw Sashimi is very fine, very healthy and very good!! – sending you both many hugs and kisses!
    I’ve missed youuuuuuuu!
    much love always, sofie

  2. August 14, 2009 3:07 pm

    PS – Pinkberry Parfait sounds very veeeeeeeeery YUMMY and delicious….

  3. August 14, 2009 5:25 pm

    that jacket is exquisite!!!

  4. August 15, 2009 12:01 pm

    I am so in love with the smiley tee! It is creepy and awesome at the same time.

    Glad to see you and your sister posting again =) Your awesome outfits were very much missed

  5. August 15, 2009 6:01 pm

    Totally agree that the tee is creepy, but its also very cool! Love the shoulders on that black dress, I feel to put shoulderpags on EVERYTHING right now

  6. August 16, 2009 12:21 pm

    I love Pinkberry, it’s so delicious 🙂

  7. August 16, 2009 5:29 pm

    Oh my.. can I ask for it all? 😉
    Great mixing of fabrics, prints and texture. J’AIME ❤


  8. August 17, 2009 1:56 am

    Great purchases! I think the tee is only slightly creepy, because it somehow reminds me of the make-up the Joker (i.e. Heath Ledger) wore in Batman. I’ve figured you were busy with the moving. It’s such a hassle isn’t it? I’ve done it way too many times and most of my stuff is still in boxes.

  9. August 17, 2009 8:38 pm

    Oh my! All wonderful, wonderful purchases. I have no words for that dress. All I can say is that it is perfect! I can’t wait to see how you style it!

  10. August 18, 2009 3:28 pm

    I love the jacket ❤

    thanks for the comment dear


  11. August 18, 2009 7:52 pm

    craving for parfait now!

  12. August 19, 2009 12:26 am

    amazing selection! loving everything you picked!!


  13. August 21, 2009 12:19 am

    booty shortsssssssss! hot hot hot

    xx Patty Ann

  14. August 26, 2009 11:30 pm

    Aw, i love kiddie movies too! The strong shouldered black dresses are lookin great..i can’t wait to find one. Have you seen any around?

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